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ATOTO 7 A6PF Double DIN Android Car Stereo-2+32G HD Dash &Rear Camera GPS Track

ATOTO 7 A6PF Double DIN Android Car Stereo-2+32G HD Dash &Rear Camera GPS Track

ATOTO 7 A6PF Double DIN Android Car Stereo-2+32G HD Dash &Rear Camera GPS Track    ATOTO 7 A6PF Double DIN Android Car Stereo-2+32G HD Dash &Rear Camera GPS Track
NOTE: Here has multi option for choice, please kindly look for the option picture. Safer and Easier Driving with A6 PF. HD 720P rear view video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature (ATOTO ACEBHD01LR rear view camera is required, included). You can have the rear view even when driving forward. The included ACEB44P2 1080P DVR camera allows you to access the front view at any time with a finger tap. An SD card is required for it to record videos not included, max. 8 Core ARM Cortex-A55, 1.6 GHz / Android 10.0 / 2 GB + 32 GB. Full HD true 7-inch 1024 600 IPS screen (brightness 600cd/m2); 5-touch capacitive touchscreen; the viewing angle is a staggering 178°, meaning that even when looking at the screen almost sideways, you can still see the display very clearly, without losing colors and so on - particularly important on a head unit, as you are not seated in front of it when driving. An audio feast with max. 445W & RMS 424W preamp (drives 4-8 ohm speakers)and Digital Signal Processor with Time Correction, Speed Compensated Volume & 36-band EQ. Online in CarPlay (iPhones) or Audroid Auto (Android phones), or directly with map apps on A6 PF; or offline with downloaded maps (built-in GPS). CarPlay, Android Auto & MirrorLink. Supports WIRELESS CarPlay, wired CarPlay and Android Auto, and wireless & wired MirrorLink (CarbitLink) Some video streaming services Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney+, etc.

3 Options for Internet Access. Wi-Fi hotspot (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering (most Android car stereos only offer the Wi-Fi hospot option). BT 1 is Bluetooth 5.0, for hands-free & music streaming, etc. BT 2 is for Internet access; Bluetooth screen lock, protecting your privacy without sacrificing convenience (see below for details).

It supports up to 2TB (2048 GB) USB SSD for multimedia playback. ATOTO continuously provides system updates to improve the system.

Download the file to a USB stick to update your A6 PF. Vehicle Fit (ISO Standard Double DIN).

A6EBG2A7PF is a standard double DIN car stereo. And the chassis is designed to be much shorter than the conventional depth (not your typical block-sized head unit), so the benifit is that there is a larger space for cabling and other accessories. Typically, North American dashboard mounting frame suppliers provide double DIN mounting frames with a 174 mm 98 mm opening.

In order to fit into them, the actual screen size of common aftermarket car stereos is limited to 6.75-inch or smaller (false 7-inch). An extra frame adapter is also included to expand it, if needed, to 178 mm 101.5 mm.

As this is a universal car stereo, extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package). They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a CANbus data interface, etc.

A few examples of the accessories that you can connect A6 PF to. ATOTO ACEB44P2 (included) USB On dash 1080 P DVR camera to record video files for preview & playback. ATOTO ACEBHD01LR (included) rear view camera (included) for HD 720P rear view input and Live Rear View (LRV) feature to view the traffic behind even when driving forward; ACEBHD03LR is not compatible. ATOTO ACEBUTP1 USB TPMS tire pressure monitor system to monitor the temperature and pressure of your tires, alerting you both visually and aurally. ATOTO ACEB4450 OBD II Diagnostic Scanner /Engine Code Reader via Bluetooth; Compared with single Bluetooth, dual Bluetooth makes communication tasks between multiple Bluetooth connections more balanced and stable. A6 PF is dual zone capable, meaning what's displayed on A6 PF can be different from on the headrest monitors, interrupting the kids watching their favorite movie in the backseat as little as possible!

(some apps do not support dual zone display). ATOTO ACEB44F8 IR remote, for more convenient operation when no original steering wheel controls are available.

ATOTO ACEB44F5 is not compatible. Game pads via Bluetooth (check for compatibility before purchasing a specific game pad). In the unlikely event that you encounter any quality-related issues with the product, we have two options available to you. We value our customers and strive to provide excellent after-sales service and support. Aotule Car Electronics, the precursor of ATOTO, was founded on 2008, and we have been manufacturing and distributing Car entertaiment & accessories for years.

We focus on car electronics product, such as OEM and universal android car multimedia? From design to manufacture, we do our utmost to control every process and detail, to make our android car audio products much better and more reliable.

What's more, All of our products pass CE and FCC standards from SGS. We believe that all-win is the basic for long-time business. Everybody in our company should be treated equally and respected fully. And we advocate optimistic attitude to life and work. Non-Working time reply on 48 hours.
ATOTO 7 A6PF Double DIN Android Car Stereo-2+32G HD Dash &Rear Camera GPS Track    ATOTO 7 A6PF Double DIN Android Car Stereo-2+32G HD Dash &Rear Camera GPS Track