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ATOTO 7IN Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receivers Android Auto/CarPlay, Bluetooth

ATOTO 7IN Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receivers Android Auto/CarPlay, Bluetooth

ATOTO 7IN Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receivers Android Auto/CarPlay, Bluetooth    ATOTO 7IN Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receivers Android Auto/CarPlay, Bluetooth
Model Name: F7G2A7SE-eb; Mounting style: UDH07D (Universal Double-DIN Headunit with 7-inch Display). Operation System: Linux; System Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese; Vehicle Fit: Vehicle The front panel size of ATOTO F7G2A7SE is 172mm x 97mm; Most dashboard mounting frame suppliers from North America may provide double din mounting frame with 174mm98mm opening (Metra dash kit, PAC dash kit, etc). An extra plastic frame is also included in the package to extend its size to 178101.5mm. ATOTO F7 Car Stereo Receiver - Simple and Elegant. Product Series: F7 Standard Edition; Model Name: F7EBG2A7SE; Operation System: Linux 4.9.217; Mounting style: double DIN. No need to download any offline maps because they are never, and will never be as up to date as online navigation. Full HD 7 1024600 IPS screen (brightness 600cd/m2); 5-touch capacitive touchscreen; the viewing angle is a staggering 178°, meaning that even when looking at the screen almost sideways, you can still see the display very clearly, without losing colors and so on - particularly important on a head unit, as you are not seated in front of it when driving. Some video streaming services Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney+, etc. You can have the rear view even when the vehicle is moving forward. F7EBG2A7SE supports function 18 in total! Mapping to original steering wheel keys. Powered by inner PMS firmware, F7EBG2A7SE can deliver power to smartphones faster max.

1.5 A than other car stereo brands (300mA - 500mA) while running wired CarPlay/Android Auto. 445W Amplifier with RMS 424W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%), offering you powerful yet natural, undistorted audio it can drive 4? Door speakers; 10-band EQ with 7 presets; a separate subwoofer output, to which a filter can be applied. Inputs, Outputs & Slots (see the picture at the bottom for reference). Rear Camera Input & AUX Audio/Video Input.

These 2 video inputs can process 720P HD video signal. ACEBHD03LR is not compatible to F7 for 720P video display, while most car stereo receiver brand can only process CVBS 400-600 lines video signal. 2 RCA Headrest Video Outputs.

4-CH RCA Audio Out (2v) for connecting to a factory/aftermarket amplifier; separate Subwoofer Out (0.8v). To store media files, up to 512 GB.

The USB external storage port reads up to 2TB SSD. Both SD & SSD must be in FAT32 or NTFS format. ATOTO ACEB44F5 Steering Wheel Control IR Remote. ATOTO ACEB4486 Rear View Camera, ACEBHD02LR Live Rearview Camera (ATOTO ACEBHD03LR is NOT compatible). ATOTO AD3 wireless CarPlay adapter. The chassis of F7EBG2A7SE has been designed as only 51-mm deep, as you can clearly see in the picture above, much shorter than the conventional depth (not your typical block-sized head unit). F7EBG2A7SE is a standard Double DIN car stereo. It will fit the double DIN opening on your vehicle. Its short chassis will leave more room for cables and other accessories. Typically, North American dashboard mounting frame suppliers provide double DIN mounting frames with a 174 mm 98 mm opening.

In order to fit into them, the actual screen size of common aftermarket car stereos is limited to 6.75-inch or smaller (false 7-inch). An extra frame adapter is also included to expand it, if needed, to 178 mm 101.5 mm. As this is a universal car stereo, extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package). They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a data interface, etc.

The advantages of CarPlay/Android Auto on F7 SE. Thanks to the premium hardware inside, F7 SE is more than capable of delivering stable and reliable data transmission, which is a strong bolster for you in driving.

Great Performance Across All CarPlay/Android Auto Functions. Now we can make calls, send/receive messages, listen to music/radio/podcasts/news/audiobook... On the head unit while driving really conveniently.

This, in turn, requires a head unit that can adequately meet the demands of these functions in terms of audio and visual performance. On F7 SE, the max. With RMS 424W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%) makes sure that whether you are making a call, listening to your favorite music or podcasts and so on, you can hear things clearly at a comfortable volume, without any distortion.

Well, in our own customer's exact words:I'm told that the sound is very clear. The full HD 7 1024600 IPS screen (brightness 600cd/m2), other than its fantastic color rendition, offers great visibility even in broad daylight. Also, as a 5-touch capacitive touchscreen, it is easy and smooth to operate on.

This problem does not exist with F7 SE. Be aware that not all car stereos can do this! Wired CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 7.1 or higher. Wired Android Auto is compatible with phones with Android 6.0 or higher.

Factory/original USB cables are required for Android Auto/CarPlay/MirrorLink connection. MirrorLink allows you to fully cast what's displayed on your smartphone to F7's screen. Certain apps (Youtube, for example) or contents are not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto. Therefore, if you or any passenger in the vehicle want to view them on F7's screen anyway, MirrorLink is the solution (realized through the app AutoLink on F7). Important: Some video streaming services Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney+, etc.

With very few smartphones with a curved screen, there will be a tiny black area on the 4 edges of F7EBG2A7SE's screen. This is caused by differences in firmware and the layout of the curved screen.

HD 720P rear view video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature. Say goodbye to snowy static pictures when reversing your vehicle. F7EBG2A7SE also provides the Live Rear-View (LRV) feature - now you can access the rear view even when driving forward. Driving will be much safer, and the rear view mirrors will indeed become relics! You can set one of the steering wheel keys as a shortcut for quick access. Compatible with Original Steering Wheel Keys. You can map 18 frequently-used functions to factory steering wheel audio keys for convenient operation.

If there are no original steering wheel audio keys, we highly recommend ATOTO ACEB44F5 wireless IR remote as a substitute for this duty. It does not, however, support key mapping. You can even wake up Siri or Google Assistant by pressing the corresponding button on your steering wheel or on ATOTO ACEB44F5. Fast Charging - Power to the Smartphone. Powered by inner PMS firmware, F7 can deliver power to smartphones faster than other car stereos (300 mA - 500 mA) while running CarPlay/Android Auto (max 1.5 A).

Bluetooth Hands-free & A2DP Music Streaming. Directly on F7EBG2A7SE, with the steering wheel controls, or with ATOTO ACEB44F5 wireless IR remote. Users can view music ID3 tag information on the Bluetooth music display.

USB Audio/Video Playback & Video Output to Headrest Monitors. With the built-in music/video player, you can play high quality audio and up to 1080P video on F7EBG2A7SE.

Just hook an external USB storage device or Micro SD card loaded with media files! It supports up to 512 GB Micro SD & 2 TB (2048 GB) USB SSD. Built-in video output feature allows you to connect up to 2 monitors to F7 via the RCA Video Out interface.

Pack up a couple of movies and keep the kids entertained in the backseat! Constant Firmware Updates From ATOTO.

We continuously improves the system firmware of ATOTO F7 every a few months. You can get firmware updates when available to better your user experience and add new features. Visit AOCSS to learn more.
ATOTO 7IN Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receivers Android Auto/CarPlay, Bluetooth    ATOTO 7IN Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receivers Android Auto/CarPlay, Bluetooth