Car Double Din

PLZ Wireless Double Din Car Stereo Apple Car Play Radio, Bluetooth 5.3, Audio Re

PLZ Wireless Double Din Car Stereo Apple Car Play Radio, Bluetooth 5.3, Audio Re

PLZ Wireless Double Din Car Stereo Apple Car Play Radio, Bluetooth 5.3, Audio Re    PLZ Wireless Double Din Car Stereo Apple Car Play Radio, Bluetooth 5.3, Audio Re

Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto/ Voice Control? The double din car stereo supports wireless apple car play and android auto. You can get directions from GPS navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze, planing the route for you, put on your personal playlist on Spotify, have Siri / Google Assistant call a friend, etc.

Let AI deal with the stress and focus on the wheel! Keep convenient and safe driving. Upgraded Bluetooth, Smart Chip & Dual Mic? Independent Bluetooth 5.3 Module with extral Bluetooth antenna, improving transmission efficiency, reducing static noise, hands free calling and audio streaming of the car play screen.

Powerfull upgraded smart chip, faster connection, lower delay of signal. HiFi Sound Quality with DSP, 4.2 Channel, 240W, Subwoofer? Built in DPS with 4.2 channels Pre Amplifier with max 240W output, FR, FL, RR, RL, adjusting music effect wherever position. 2 Subwoofer speakers outputs that delivers outstanding sound quality and breathtaking bass effects.

It is equipped with 10 band EQ Audio Equalizer that allows to adjust the music effect as like. To reduce the effect to music quality of overheating, this stereo also adds a large heat sink in unit and increase the space for heat disspation. This carplay screen system offers IOS and Android mirror link function, functionality through a convenient mirroring as soons as USB connected. It allows you to access a wide range of features, including maps, movies, music, videos, and more, directly on the spacious display from smartphone. In addition, playback your favorite movies or music from your devices with USB or TF Card port with 1024 X 600 resolution 7 inch HD digital touch screen, support 1920 X 1080P!

The in-dash head unit is designed to have your safety and comfort in mind, supporting front and backup view camera with an automatic display of image when in reversing or parking. The package includes an HD rear camera with night vision, a 170° ultra-wide viewing angle and a full waterproof design! The unit is not android system.

New Version, New Driving Experience. Independent Bluetooth 5.3 Module, Addition Antenna. The Module Chip ensures faster pairing and connection, reducing delays and providing a more responsive experience.

The extra antenna significantly boosts signal strength, extending the range and minimizing signal drop-offs. Minimizing electronic noise, ensuring connection remains smooth and stable. Front and Rear View, Automatic Reversing Display. Seamlessly connecting front and rear view cameras for comprehensive visual coverage. Experience automatic switching to the reversing and parking display, ensuring real-time assistance and enhanced safety during maneuvers.

Supporting front camera(not included), Including HD backup camera. Upgraded Hardware for Hi-Fi Sound Quality. 4.2 Channel (RCA), 10 Band EQ & 2 Subwoofers. Upgrade 2.4 Channel to 4.2 Channel; 4 channel pre amplifier (RCA) with 60W4. Elevating car stereo with precision 10-band EQ.

Perfection, ideal balance for music. Supporting integration of extra 2 channels subwoofers, delivering deep, resonating bass, enveloping a rich and immersive audio experience. Advanced Heat Management with Heat Sink Expansion. By incorporating an advanced heat sink and expanding the space for heat reduction, effectively minimizing the impact of overheating on sound quality. Ensureing audio experience remains exceptional and uninterrupted, even during extended use.

Say goodbye to overheating and hello to pristine sound. Navigation operating smoothly full display view or background voice guiding, enabling to navigate while enjoying music or radio station. Seamlessly integrates with vehicle's SWC, allowing to manage essential functions using the physical buttons. Additional interface needed(not included). Indulge in a 3-channel audio setup, delivering rich and dynamic sound. TF card, USB, or AUX inputs. Requiring additional following accessories to install.

Radio antenna adapter, for your car Model. If the head unit powers on for few seconds and then shuts down automatically.

Some cars have ACC wires controlled by Canbus or feature a "delayed shut off" for radios and other components. In such cases, the car may not output stable 12V power to our radio. The necessary conditions for powering on the unit are. The Red wire of our harness receives switched 12V power (Car key must be turned on).

The Yellow wire of our harness receives 12V power. The Black ground wire of our harness is properly connected. If you have an electric pen, you can test these three wires. The car stereo has a memory function.

If the ACC line (Red wire) and the B+ line (Yellow wire) are reversed during installation, the product will lose its memory function after the power is turned off. The car stereo cannot be used in vehicles with a voltage exceeding 14 V, such as large trucks. If you intend to use devices with a voltage higher than 14 V, you must use step-down conversion wires to avoid damaging the car stereo. If you encounter any installation or usage confusion, rest assured we're here to promptly assist you with resolving the issue. Different Type Stereo with Carplay & Android Auto Screen Suit for Most Vehicle.

4.5 out of 5 stars. 4.0 out of 5 stars.

4.1 out of 5 stars. 3.9 out of 5 stars.

4.8 out of 5 stars. 7 FHD IPS Touch Screen. 10 FHD IPS Touch Screen. 9.3 FHD IPS Touch Screen.

9 FHD IPS Touch Screen. Dash Camera & Backup Camera.
PLZ Wireless Double Din Car Stereo Apple Car Play Radio, Bluetooth 5.3, Audio Re    PLZ Wireless Double Din Car Stereo Apple Car Play Radio, Bluetooth 5.3, Audio Re